The C5 Children’s School staff is comprised of approximately 43 members serving 130 children,  infants through Pre-K, and their families.

Our staffing includes an Executive Director, a Director of Learning, two Center Directors, a Resources Management Director, a Curriculum Specialist, two office managers, two in kitchen & housekeeping, eight teachers of infants and young toddlers, 12 teachers of toddlers, eight teachers of preschool children, and five teachers of Pre-K children.

The highly diverse C5 staff has strong formal and informal education and experiences, individual and group training, and professional development

They hold degrees, including 1 doctorate, 8 Masters, 23 Bachelors, 4 Associate of Arts,  Some staff members hold multiple degrees.

C5’s Instructional and administrative staff hold California Community Care Licensing Permits, including 10 with Director’s Permits, 12 with Site Supervisor Permits, 3 with Master Teacher Permits, and 3 with Teacher Permits.

Staff members who have taken courses in Early Childhood Education outside of a degree have an average of 34 credits per person.

All instructional and administrative staff members have an average of 12 years working in the education field.

C5 staff members hold leadership positions in the community, advocate for improved services for young children and their families, and present frequently throughout the year to college and university educational groups and at leadership conferences.

C5 is an innovative leader in curriculum, parent communications and involvement, program management, learning systems, and health and safety. Our program also conducts regional training events and hosts tour groups from across the U.S. and abroad.