The Mighty Oak Classroom “Train Stars”

C5 Children’s School – Festival of Learning 2019
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Individual Learning Group Participation

Teacher’s Name – Josh

Number of Children – 4

Children’s Names – Beatrice, Simon, Leo, Wiley

Number of Non-Staff Chaperones – 1

Chaperone’s Name – Allison

Entrance Music and/or Song Name – We are the Train Stars 1234

Description of the Ribbon Segment that the Children Made – The children drew with markers and painted on a strip of fabric.

The Train Stars learning group prepared for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

They were joined by their parent and family member chaperones and crossed the street from our SF City Building Center to join the other children, teachers, and families in the CA State Building Center’s Great Hall.

The group triumphantly entered to their music and carrying their hand-made sign.

The actual ribbon cutting by City-County Supervisor Matt Haney was exciting and opened up the big screen on the Festival of Learning Website!