The Cable Car Classroom “Little Birds”

C5 Children’s School – Festival of Learning 2019
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Individual Learning Group Participation

Teachers’ Names – Megan, Mariana, Monica, Brittney

Number of Children – 20

Children’s Names – Amelia, Crosby, Cyrus, Ethan, Everett, Georgina, Lucien, Lucy, Malia, Marie, Quinn, Quinn, Renzo, Robyn, Ishaan, Leo, Luca, Maxwell, Scout

Number of Non-Staff Chaperones – 4

Chaperone’s Names – Jason, Sierra, Scott, Brandy

Entrance Music and/or Song Name – Two Dicky Birds

Song Lyrics –
Two little dickie birds
Sitting on a wall
One named Peter
One named Paul
Fly away Peter
Fly away Paul
Come Back Peter
Come Back Paul

Description of the Ribbon Segment that the Children Made – Collaborative painting on a two inch by 12 inch fabric

The Little Birds learning group prepared for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by making a ribbon for the ceremony and the sign for their group and triumphantly entered to their music and carrying their hand-made sign.

They were joined by their parent and family member chaperones and waited by the elevators before entering the Great Hall.

They took their place and watched the other learning groups enter with their signs and music.

The actual ribbon cutting by City-County Supervisor Matt Haney was exciting and opened up the big screen on the Festival of Learning Website!