Pacific Classroom – “Rainbow”

Children: Miles, Madeline, Kahlil, Oliver, Sylvia, Emile, Benjamin, Delali, Maxwell, Milo
Teacher: Ruby, Emily and Shu


The children in the Pacific classroom are the toddlers. They are typically 18 months old to 2.5 Years old. Their learning group is known as the Rainbow.

Project Exploration

Parent-Family Quotes

“We have made LOTS of things with play dough.  Favorites are: muffins, cakes with decorations, sugar balls, cookies, ice cream cones, and alligators.” — Jenna (Sylvia’s mom)

“Ben loved to talk about making dough and helping me mix dough for baking. He knows that making dough means we get to bake yummy treats! He loved mixing in the flour and watching the mixer blend everything together.” — Leigh (Benjamin’s mom)

 “This is great! Thanks for sharing.” — Marcell (Madeline’s dad)

“I love that you’re doing science experiments!” — Valerie (Milo’s mom)

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