Bayshore Classroom – “Rainbow Butterflies”

Children: Sanai, Viaan Sebastian, Millie, Rhea, Masaki, Raphael, Thea, Khai, Barak, Evan, Evelyn, Eyad
Teacher: Maple, Van, Alana, Yi and Isabella


The children in the Bayshore classroom are the youngest in C5 Children’s School. They are typically 2 months old to 24 months old. Their learning group is known as the Rainbow Butterflies.


Project Exploration

Parent-Family Quotes

““She’s feeding herself! Thea learned to feed herself at C5.” Rob, Thea’s Dad

 “He started picking up toys and books and helping us clean up.” Naotake, Masaki’s Dad

“Rhea’s sister and mother were wondering why she kept pulling on their pants. When we read in her needs and services plan how she helps check her friends diapers, we finally understood what she was doing!” -JP, Rhea’s Dad

 “We have noticed after she eats she wipes her hands and mouth and sometimes places dishes in dishwasher” Jonathan, Evelyn’s Dad

“We noticed Viann moves his palms when he wants ro be picked up, or when we say hi. Viann started holding his bottle sometimes when drinking milk” Prateek, Viaan’s Dad

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