Inquiry Symposium

Inquiry Symposium| San Francisco State University – April 24, 2019

The Festival of Learning 2019 began on April 24th this year with the Inquiry Symposium organized by Michelle Grant-Groves of the I3 Institute and the EDvance graduate program at San Francisco State University. The Keynote Speaker was Wendy Lee from Aotearoa, New Zeland , presenting on Using Learning Stories for Reflection, Assessment, and Inquiry.

The event organizers estimated that over 300 early childhood education professionals and university graduate and undergraduate students participated.

Two C5 instructional staff members, Rachel Xiang Ni and Geoffrey Guevara, also presented in two of the 12 break-out seminar sessions. In addition, there were over 45 inquiry project poster sessions that were on display and presented to interested participants.

Rachel presented the Silkworm Project that was conducted by the C5 “Penguins” Toddler Learning Group in the Bayshore Classroom.

Her session was conducted in Chinese with an interpreter for the English speakers in the audience.

Geoffrey presented the Puzzle–Treehouse–Dollhouse Project that was conducted by the C5 “Flying Slimy Butterflies” Preschool Learning Group the in the Redwood Classroom.

His presentation revealed the evolution through several phases of the comprehensive project led by the students that changed over many months.

The Symposium hosted 12 different break-out presentations. Two were in Chinese, two were in Spanish, and eight were in English. The I3 Institute also had several panels aranged in the entry area that depicted various strategies and principles of the Inquiry Approach.

Break-Out Session Topics included:

  • “How Can We Foster a Deeper Level of Socio-Cognitive Engagement for Toddlers Using the Cycle of Inquiry?” Presented in English by: Alyssa Thomas and Abiba Abolia from Congregation Emanu El Preschool
  • “The Power of Co-Construction.” Presented in English by: Sarah Overton from Opal School Congregation Emanu El Preschool
  • “Puzzle-Treehouse-Dollhouse Project.” Presented in English by: Geoffrey Guevara from C5 Children’s School.
  • “Love Parade.” Presented in English by: Monique Graham from Rosenberg Early Education Center JCCSF.
  • “Silkworms.” Presented in Chinese by: Rachel Xiang Ni from C5 Children’s School.
  • “How Does Exploring Their Environment Foster Community, Independence, and Sense of Belonging in Young Children?” Presented in Spanish by: Adriana Burtumen from Frandelja Enrichment Center-Fairfax.
  • “Song and Early Literacy.” Presented in English by: Emily Bugos from Associated Students, ECE San Francisco State University.
  • “Self Awareness and Identity.” Presented in English by: Ihuoma Iheukwumere, Donna Tumamak, and Laura Rocha from Judith Baker CDC.
  • “Camp Cool Down: Social Emotional Learning.” Presented in English by: Noelle Owusu from FACES SF Bayview.
  • “Building & Construction.” Presented in English by: Bonnie Harris-Tobias from Wu Yee Bayview.
  • “Learning Body Parts and Interactions with Infants” Presented in Chinese by: Yongmei Hu from Kai Ming Rainbow Center.
  • “Kindness.” Presented in Spanish by: Stephanie Estrada and Kelley Wheatley from Mission Neighborhood Center Academy.

The Inquiry Symposium was sponsored by The I3 Institute, EDvance of San Francisco State University . . .

. . . and, by First Five of San Francisco – Quality Connections, The San Francisco Public Library, and C5 Children’s School.