Examples of Community Influences from The Golden Gate Classroom – The Flying Tigers

Items brought into the classroom in line with Weekly Plans

~ Marine mammal puppets
~ Cardboard for herding boards used in marine mammal rescue
~ A large plastic syringe for pretend mammal feeding
~ A net for rescuing
~ Bandages for mammal injuries

What families did at home to continue and extend the explorations and projects at school

~ Visited Marine Mammal Center
~ Visited the Drakes Beach elephant seal colony at Point Reyes National Seashore.
~ Visited the Academy of Sciences
~ Visited the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center
~ Visited the sea lions at Pier 39, San Francisco.

Parent visits to the classroom and/or special contributions of ideas, expertise, materials, etc. to your explorations and projects

~ Cormac’s Dad taught us about surfing.
~ Gabriel’s parents taught us about Portugal.
~ Cash’s mother has donated buttons, beads, and art supplies.
~ Ryan’s family donated a set of Snap Circuits.
~ Gwen and her father donated some fabric tent houses.

Summer Book & Box Presentations

~ Ryan and his Dad introduced us to the Irish game of hurling.
~ Bridey’s parents played guitar and sang Beatles songs, including Yellow Submarine.
~ Cash and his family told us about their trip to Hawaii. Cash showed us how to snorkle. He told us about the many sea turtles he saw there, and he shared a map of Hawaii.
~ Cormac showed us how his family spends time outside, especially swimming at the beach.
 ~ Noah and his family created a dance party for us.

Family Food Experiences

~ Noah’s family – Smoothies
~ Cash’s family – World’s Best Banana Bread
~ Gwen’s family – World’s Best Fruit Salad
~ Cormac’s family – World’s Best Pancakes
~ Bridey’s family – World’s Best Apple Pie

Sources for food or materials purchases or contributions outside of the regular C5 suppliers

~ Cole/ACE Hardware
~ Marine Mammal Center
~ Ocean Aquarium, 120 Cedar Street, San Francisco, off Polk Street
~ The San Francisco Main Branch Public Library

Winter Cultural Highlights

~ Ellie told us about her family’s trip to Lake Tahoe to play in the snow.
~ Bridey brought photos from her family’s trip to Ireland. She and her mother made a small fairy door in the classroom that the children incorporated into their dramatic play for several months.
~ One family shared with us their holiday traditions.
~ Ryan told us about their family’s trip to Ireland.
~ Rosie and her family showed us how they like to dance together.

Field Trips to Farmers Market, Etc.

~ Visit to the Golden Gate Classroom by the Marine Mammal Center staff with puppets and artifacts. Half of the Golden Gate classroom children visited with them for 45 minutes; interacting with the puppets, life-sized posters, seal skeletons and fur, whale baleen, krill, and more
~ Visit to the San Francisco Public Library
~ Visit to the Farmer’s Market
~ One family visited the Marine Mammal Center.
~ One family visited teacher Barbara while she was working as a Winter Wildlife Docent for the National Park Service to learn about the Elephant Seals at Drakes Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore.

Photo Gallery – The Flying Tigers