Examples of Community Influences from The Bayshore- Hummingbirds Classroom

Items brought into the classroom in line with Weekly Plans

~ Produce, including Squash, Apples, Banana, and Berries
~ Fabric
~ Pillow Stuffing
~ Sewing Machine
~ Musical Instruments

What families did at home to continue and extend the explorations and projects at school

~ Tried similar foods
~ Read familiar books
~ Explored Textures (food, paint, mud, etc.)

Parent visits to the classroom and/or special contributions of ideas, expertise, materials, etc. to your explorations and projects

~ Chaperones on the Farmer’s Market Field Trip
~ Outdoor Picnic at school
~ Sewing Skills during project making pillows for each individual child
~ Singing new songs during cultural highlights

Summer Book & Box Presentations

~ Personalized board book in classroom (Ronan)
~ Presented a book they often read that summer (Tadhg)
~ Photos of their summer adventure (Annette)

Family Food Experiences

~ Persian New Year – Salmon and Pasta
~ Beckett’s Family — Dessert Bread
~ Roshan’s family — Homemade Indian pancake made of lentils

Sources for food or materials purchases or contributions outside of the regular C5 suppliers

~ Target
~ JoAnne’s Fabrics
~ Civic Center Farmer’s Market
~ The Market on Market

Winter Cultural Highlights

~ Musical Instruments to share (Beckett’s family)
~ Original routine songs (written by Penelope’s family)
~ Frozen Yogurt Pops (Beckett’s family)
~ Baseball Mitt and Ball to play with

Field Trips to Farmers Market, Etc.

~ Farmers Market
~ Visit to Civic Center
~ Visit to the C5 center in the State building

Photo Gallery – The Hummingbirds