Annual Study Focus Themes

For 18 Years Culminating in May 1 through June 30 in Our

Festival of Learning

2021–2022 Impressions and Connections Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical The Building Blocks for Learning and Development

2020–2021 Resilience as a Key Success Factor in Life Organically Developing and Demonstrating Powerful Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical Resilience

2019–2020 Developing Unique Attitudes and Skills for the Future Uncommon, Precise, Profound, Powerful, Prescient

2018–2019 Community Influences In the Dynamics of Learning and Developing

2017–2018 Relationships At the Heart of Learning and Developing with People, Feelings, Ideas, and Things

2016–2017 The Powerful Child – As a unique contemporary citizen and a contributor to the future

2015–2016 The Sublime In the Flow of Learning – Inquiring, Discovering, Making Meaning, Sparking Ideas

2014–2015 Diversity in Its Many FormsUnderstanding, Appreciating, and Developing – Our Bodies, Brains, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles Attitudes, Perspectives, Approaches, Materials, Tools, Processes, Equipment, Environments, Languages, Concepts, Cultures

2013–2014 Brain Power: Developing, Functioning, Applying – With the powerful child learner and highly effective learning groups

2012–2013 The Whole Child: Developing Optimal Learning Through Multiple Intelligences and the 100 Languages of Children

2011–2012 Dreaming and Doing – The Power of Collaborating Teams and Individual Imagination

2010–2011 Deeper Learning Through Collaboration With Children, Parents, Families, and Community Members

2009–2010 Discoveries! The Inspirations, Insights, and Innovations from Children’s Interactions with Materials, People, and Processes

2008–2009 The Greening of Learning – Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, ReCreating

2007–2008 The Surprise! … What children can do!!!

2006–2007 Facilitating Learning and Development in Partnership with Young Children and Families

2005–2006 Growing Strong Together

2004–2005 Making Learning Visible – An exhibit advocating for the rights of children and the possibilities of learning for all