Festival Focus

This school year, our study focus has been “Community Influences in the Dynamics of Learning and Development”

  • See displays of children’s work, including Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten
  • Read many examples of ways that “Community Influences the Dynamics of Learning and Developing” at C5 Children’s School
  • Interact with learning groups and teachers at the various events
  • Watch videos on-demand: Ribbon Cutting, Inquiry Symposium, Saturday Seminar, An Emergent Curriculum, The 100 Languages of Children
  • Follow postings of each learning group as they go into public to work with their teachers and chaperone parents in 22 Public Demonstrations of powerful learning

Children – Over 130 children conducted in-depth explorations and initiated long-term projects in small learning groups during the school year.

Learning Groups – The 13 exhibits present a wide range of work representing the children exploring

Staff – Our 32 instructional staff members and 10 administrative staff members facilitated optimal learning with the participation of parents and families and contributions from our supportive professional community and Bay Area neighbors.

Centers – C5 is taking the lead this year, and we are already in discussions with other programs about their participating as partners with us next year in the Festival of Learning.

Families – Many C5 families have provided a wide variety of support for the explorations and projects that are exhibited on this website, including providing materials, tools, advice, stories, hands-on help, and diverse elements of family life and culture.

Exhibits of Children’s Work

Each Learning Group is displaying photos and videos of their recent explorations or projects. There are annotations that accompany each photo and descriptive material to go with the videos. Additional photos and videos will be added as the Festival of Learning progresses during the month of May.

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15 Years of Annual Study Focus Themes Culminating in
the Month-Long Festival of Learning in May

2019 — Community Influences In the Dynamics of Learning and Developing

2018 — Relationships At the Heart of Learning and Developing with People, Feelings, Ideas, Processes, and Things

2017 — The Powerful ChildAs a unique contemporary citizen and a contributor to the future

2016 — The Sublime – In the Flow of Learning – Inquiring, Discovering, Making Meaning, Sparking Ideas

2015 — Diversity in Its Many Forms – Understanding, Appreciating, and Developing – Our Bodies, Brains, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles Attitudes, Perspectives, Approaches, Materials, Tools, Processes, Equipment, Environments, Languages, Concepts, Cultures

2014 — Brain Power: Developing, Functioning, Applying – With the powerful child learner and highly effective learning groups

2013 The Whole Child: Developing Optimal Learning Through Multiple Intelligences and the 100 Languages of Children

2012 Dreaming and Doing – The Power of Collaborating Teams and Individual Imagination

2011 — Deeper Learning Through Collaboration – With Children, Parents, Families, and Community Members

2010 — Discoveries! The Inspirations, Insights, and Innovations from Children’s Interactions with Materials, People, and Processes

2009 — The Greening of Learning – Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, ReCreating

2008 — The Surprise! … What children can do!!!

2007 — Facilitating Learning and Development in Partnership with Young Children and Families

2006 — Growing Strong Together

2005 — Making Learning Visible – An exhibit advocating for the rights of children and the possibilities of learning for all

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