C5 Festival of Learning 2022

We invite you to enjoy an online glimpse of our two most recent Festivals of Learning, 2019 and 2022. The Festival of Learning has been held for 17 years in the spring and lasts throughout the month of May.  It was only withheld in May of 2020 during the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Festival of Learning 2019

Our Program-Wide Study Focus

for the 2021—2022 School Year

Each year, we adopt a Study Focus before the new school year to help structure and concentrate our learning about an area that might be important to children’s optimal learning and development. We apply what we learn throughout the year to be better at being an effective co-equal partner with children and families in the complex and related processes of collaborating for high quality outcomes for each individual child and for each learning group. See a complete listing here of our Study Focus topics for the past 17 years.

This year the focus is on:

Impressions & Connections

The Building Blocks for Learning and Developing