C5 Festival of Learning 2022

We invite you to enjoy an online glimpse of our two most recent Festivals of Learning, 2019 and 2022. The Festival of Learning has been held for 17 years in the spring and lasts throughout the month of May.  It was only withheld in May of 2020 during the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Festival of Learning 2019

We adopt a Study Focus each year to guide our in-depth inquiry into how children learn and develop best and to how we can improve our facilitation of those processes and environments.

Our Study Focus for the 2021—2022 School Year is

Impressions & Connections

The Building Blocks for Learning and Developing

See a complete listing here of our Study Focus topics for the past 17 years.

Infants l Toddlers l Preschool l Pre-K

This online Festival of Learning features displays of many infant through pre-kindergarten children’s explorations and projects. In addition, many learning groups also present video and photo documentation of them working in their various schools and in public. More

In this year’s Festival of Learning:

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony — Join us online for the grand opening of the Festival of Learning with ribbon cutting ceremonies held in each classroom. We are respecting safe distancing by having separate ceremonies. Past ceremonies had over 200 people in the CA State Building’s Great Hall with families, staff, guests, and a dignitary Grand Marshall opening up the festivities! See for yourself.

Learning Groups — Connect to the webpage links for each classroom and Learning Group in our program.

Project Presentations — We will showcase the explorations and project work of our children, from all ages, including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergarteners. Our child-centered, child-directed emergent curriculum is well known and a model for education programs for literally all ages in the Bay Area and beyond.

Staff — Our diverse staff carries on the legacy of our Reggio-inspired curriculum and infuses it with other best practices from a variety of resources that result in optimal learning for children, rewarding work climate, comprehensive professional growth, and excellent community relations.

Calendar — View the events that are scheduled and those that will soon be. The dynamics of the current pandemic will be considered in all planning and may affect changes in scheduling, including postponements or cancellations.

Virtual Tours — You are welcome to have a look at our facilities and contact us for more info.

Saturday Seminar — Learn more about our innovative world-wide best practices with examples of children’s projects and staff perspectives on what we have learned from our Study Focus and how we applied it to our work with children, families, our colleagues, and the community.

Public Demonstrations — See our approach to working with children in action! The schedule of demonstrations will be posted and documentation from each one soon after they are held.

Our Study Focus — You are invited to examine an introduction to our Study Focus that we adopted last August to explore and apply throughout this current school year.

Picnic — The annual Festival of Learning Picnic will be held again this year, with weather, park availability, and community health conditions permitting. All staff and most families typically attend.

Alumni Reunion — The C5 alumni families plan and schedule their own reunion and other activities each year during the Festival of Learning.