Festival of Learning 2018 Online

Welcome to our 14th Annual Festival of Learning with Events throughout the Month of May

Our Study Focus for the school year has been ...
"Relationships – At the Heart of Learning and Developing with People, Feelings, Ideas, and Things"


Over 130 children conducted in-depth explorations and initiated long-term projects in small learning groups during the school year.


32 Instructional staff and 10 administrative and support staff facilitated optimal learning, with the participation of parents and families.


13 exhibits present a wide range of work representing the children exploring their interests and expressing themselves in 100 languages.


Our two centers are across the street from each other, near City Hall in Civic Center in San Francisco, California, USA.


Every family has supported our emergent curriculum throughout the year. Many provided materials, tools, advice, stories, accounts of family life, and hands-on help.

Join Us for Exceptional Learning Experiences

  • 1Displays of Children's Work

    Each Learning Group is displaying photos and videos of their recent explorations or projects. There are annotations that accompany each photo and descriptive material to go with the videos. Additional photos and videos will be added as the Festival of Learning progresses during the month of May.


    Young Toddlers


    Young Preschoolers



  • 2Background on Explorations and Projects

    Information will be available about how the projects got started in the context of our emergent curriculum, what resources were acquired in and outside of the classroom, how parents and family members were involved, and what stages each exploration or project went through while encountering various challenges and opportunities along the way.

  • 3Public Demonstrations

    Every one of our 13 Learning Groups will take their regular classroom explorations or projects into the public and work with their teachers to demonstrate how powerful children's learning and development is from infancy through prekindergarten. Photos and videos will be posted from approximately 21 demonstrations as they occur during the entire Festival of Learning.

  • 4Live Webinars

    We plan on having four webinars. The first will be a live broadcast of the live on-site Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Online Exhibit with a few hundred people in attendance. It will be held in the Great Hall of the Ronald M. George California State Office Complex at 455 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco, California. All 130+ of our children will be there, with parents and all 42 of our C5 Children's School staff members. The ceremony will be recorded and available online by on-demand after the event. Three more webinars will feature different aspects of our approach to working with children, families, and staff and will be broadcast live, recorded, and available afterward on-demand.

  • 5Chat and Messaging

    You will be able to send messages to and receive responses from each of the Learning Groups, infants through pre-k, and participate in scheduled chats during the month of May.

  • 6Technical Help

    Our technology offers a mobile-friendly version for every EduVirtualFair, packing it with interaction tools to ensure mobile visitors remain equally engaged and productive. We believe at-least 50% EduVirtualFair participants come through mobile devices. That figure is only growing, making the mobile experience absolutely critical for success for events hosted online.

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